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Faded Pictures

Posted in Genre - Emotional, Genre - Love with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on April 16, 2014 by Mase Da Rula

Faded Pictures

Staring at this moment in time,
the tears begin to roll down my face
leaving me mementos of a happier era

One where I loved you as all hell,
try as I might not to feel so passionately,
knowing if I let the river love flow naturally
that you would be overwhelmed…

Swept away down stream
and lost to me for all eternity
because of who I am and how I feel
is too strong for people to bare

You wonder why I strive for perfection,
cause all my flaws would murder
the perception of who I really am

Just a man…
a single individual who’s clay can not be molded
into a beautiful structure like yourself
I’m just a man
longing to be loved
and love the same

Sitting here crying enough tears to fill up oceans
I’m crying these tears of sadness
not cause I am sad to see you go
My Volatile Princess
I cry these tears because I am
not the man that owns your heart

Try as I might to occupy your every thought,
I see that my effort didn’t have the intended effect
so I stand here out in the open baring my soul to you
the cold giving my heart frostbite

I am sorry that the man
I wanna be and the man I am
do not coincide with
the darkness that allures you

Like faded pictures,
it seems like the glimmer of hope
I once had has vanished
so now all I am left with
is this moment

A Moment Stuck In Time

written by 
.KING 3-5-7.®©™ 
Diesel From Tha D Inc © 2014


I Wanna Be Revolutionary

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I Wanna Be Revolutionary

I Wanna Be Revolutionary
Marcus Garvey
standing against the perils of time
like this man did
proud in defiance
never relying on alliances
that restrict my finances
governmental whores
will I adore
false labels
Evisu and Dior
I’ll stick to my wits
triumph over this bullshit
get my 40 acres and mule
doing my own shit

I not only wanna be revolutionary
God – Like
never disgraced
kneeling before
confessing my faith
never replacing

will I lack
Never that
I will bounce back
stand strong
cause these are the things
that go on
in my mind
from sun down
until the morn
let them haters mourn
frustrate their despicable actions
while I’m out in this world
doing something
that’s proactive

I Wanna Be Revolutionary

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written by
Mase Da Rula.®©™
Diesel From Tha D Inc © 2009

bitter much…?

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bitter much…?

it’s an old saying that goes
“you reap what you sow”
meaning if you take time
to cultivate something
then it will grow
into whatever its meant to be
me…. you see
I grew this commodity
called love
shed my tears on it so it could grow vibrantly
like the colors of a rainbow
yet my seed bared no fruit….
these rancid tears caused by inner fears
aged my plant many years
and now
its time for reproduction has ceased
my faith in this emotion has decreased
seeing no relief from the sleet of grief
that ultimately became my motif…

night after night angrily
gripping the sheets
because all I ever wanted
was that kinda love
sent from up above….
God Made
Angel gave….
on to me
but all it ever did
was make me a slave
the essentials
that made me the man’
whom I always aspired to be

in a instant you basically said
fuck me..
that how I felt meant shit
to your unfazed demeanor
iced over affections
giving my soul an infection
bacteria eating away slowly
at my lovely recollection
of the memories
of the woman whom
made my heart skip a beat
devouring them haphazardly
now I am standing in defeat

hands tight gripped around
the birthplace of my amour

*breathing fades*

I bitter forever more

written by
.Mase Da Rula.®©™
Diesel From Tha D Inc

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Spoken Word Jawn : The Perception of My Recollection

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