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Practice Makes Perfect

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Practice Makes Perfect

take a second…
settle down for a moment
and allow this feeling to breath

& exhaling
insurmountable ecstasy

moving intangibly
as we see
just where we need to be

never forgoing
the minor details
taking proper procedures to achieve

an unbelievable amount
of effort pushing us past
the limits of sexual proficiency

our souls
they seem to be…
meticulously aligned

similar to the arch
of your back as I approach you
from behind

there is divinity
in our movement
and our passion is sublime

I guess
practice does make perfect
wasting not a inkling

… of time

written by 
.KING 3-5-7.®©™ 
Diesel From Tha D Inc © 2012


Forbidden Wants

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Forbidden Wants

With serpentine eyes
I surmise… 
to make you mines
for longer than just tonight
but for all-time

I see you…
over there with your long flowing hair
a body that’s unique
with a demeanor  you can not compare
there’s just one problem though

your heart & mind belong elsewhere

like an imperfect stairwell
I climb & climb without a farewell
…to this pain
latched onto my soul
& embedded in my brain

*takes sip of drink*

As I drown my worries
in this liquid insanity
allowing the vanity of my ego
& the vanity of you
to get the upper hand of me

I outlandishly forego my reservations
& move forward mannishly
I want you
not just you in pieces
but everything in its entirety

my lady…
just erased him from existence
& bask in my ambiance
I promise I’ll give you
what you been missing

baby… come fuse with me
and forget about what’s done usually
cause I intuitively know
what needed to get
the job done fluidly

completed with no defections
within a degree of perfection
this done in the affirmative
if only you grant me this blessing

written by
.Mase Da Rula.
Diesel From Tha D Publishings Inc.

Prelude to Temptation

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Prelude to Temptation

– A Poetic Collaboration –

.Mase Da Rula.
– Angelbabyblog –

{.Mase Da Rula.}

As we lay down
nestled in a loving embrace,
allow my whisper to coalesce
with your carnal desires.

For the longest time,
I aspired…
to be the only one
that could take you higher.

Transverse plateaus you have
never seen before, but only if
you let down your reservations, so we can go ahead & explore.

My eyes focused
on the entirity of your being
My tender touches
having you creaming.

Such sweet succulent flesh,
I slowly undress,
as I get ready
to put you to the test.

This I must confess,
I came here to wreak havoc,
but only in the best of ways,
because I want you to imagine.

Our bumps & grinds,
bodies intertwined,
lustfully inclined,
passion singed into mind.

Delving deep
into your sea of pleasure,
I endeavor…
while you just sever

all thoughts,
all consciousness,
as I deliver you
onto heaven.

And as the hour strikes 11,
we are not finished….
for this is the prequel to our wonderful existence.


Infinite pleasure I feel…
damn is this even real
my body is here
but my mind is on a Mase pill…

The attention you pay to every curve got me losted for words my vocab is extensive but you got me speaking words I never heard…

The pleasure is unbearable it makes my heart race as you travel through my valley, I see the disbelief on your face… that something so big could fit perfectly in this tight space…

Making me scream that no one could ever take your place…
your My King Mase,
and that will never be erased
this is not the case…
b/c your love will never be replaced

I have your flesh in my nails
your skin has gone pail
bite marks on your shoulder
Passion marks on my thighs as our love grows bolder

This is no ordinary interaction
way past an attraction
2 great lovers in the making
& no one can stop it from happening

I whisper in your ear,
securing your waist
with my thighs as my climax nears…
as my body releases its nectar
my moans are all you hear

Now my clock is nearing one,
as I kiss your waist
confirming were not done…
looking up into your eyes baby…
I’ve only just begun