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I’m So Proud Of You

Posted in Genre - Emotional, Genre - Love with tags , , , , , , on December 17, 2011 by Mase Da Rula

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I’m So Proud Of You

Seems like for ages
I have admired you
noticing the subtle nuances
that make you greater
than those other girls

for you my lady…
you rock my world
such an apocalyptic beauty
it is beyond my duty
to acknowledge you

because babe…
I’m so proud of

for you are on your own level
in comparison to all other women
Inside my dreams
you reign Queen
draped in all the finest luxuries

standing as a symbol
for all the finer things
such a wonderous joy you bring
visually & mentally
these thoughts I cherish intimately

wanting you like no other
but let me take a step back
so my emotions
does not smother

I am in awe of you…
for women of your description
are depicted as angels
I guess I found one here in the flesh

for you all…
are one in the same

Written by
.Mase Da Rula.
Copyright © 2012