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Practice Makes Perfect

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Practice Makes Perfect

take a second…
settle down for a moment
and allow this feeling to breath

& exhaling
insurmountable ecstasy

moving intangibly
as we see
just where we need to be

never forgoing
the minor details
taking proper procedures to achieve

an unbelievable amount
of effort pushing us past
the limits of sexual proficiency

our souls
they seem to be…
meticulously aligned

similar to the arch
of your back as I approach you
from behind

there is divinity
in our movement
and our passion is sublime

I guess
practice does make perfect
wasting not a inkling

… of time

written by 
.KING 3-5-7.®©™ 
Diesel From Tha D Inc © 2012


Forbidden Wants

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Forbidden Wants

With serpentine eyes
I surmise… 
to make you mines
for longer than just tonight
but for all-time

I see you…
over there with your long flowing hair
a body that’s unique
with a demeanor  you can not compare
there’s just one problem though

your heart & mind belong elsewhere

like an imperfect stairwell
I climb & climb without a farewell
…to this pain
latched onto my soul
& embedded in my brain

*takes sip of drink*

As I drown my worries
in this liquid insanity
allowing the vanity of my ego
& the vanity of you
to get the upper hand of me

I outlandishly forego my reservations
& move forward mannishly
I want you
not just you in pieces
but everything in its entirety

my lady…
just erased him from existence
& bask in my ambiance
I promise I’ll give you
what you been missing

baby… come fuse with me
and forget about what’s done usually
cause I intuitively know
what needed to get
the job done fluidly

completed with no defections
within a degree of perfection
this done in the affirmative
if only you grant me this blessing

written by
.Mase Da Rula.
Diesel From Tha D Publishings Inc.

No Air

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No Air

(Poetic Collaboration between .Mase Da Rula. & Isis Sun)
.Mase Da Rula.

patiently pacing round
putrid proven paths

pondering plentiful
pragmatic permutations


must be afflicted
with a curse

torturous terror
torments torridly
thrashing & trashing
terrible thoughts
deep into my soul

breath lost


no air
has filled these lungs
since your existence
came to cessation

left without my crutch
cause nobody can replace ya

love’s livid life
left lorn
long gone

what am I
to do

I’m like a bird
with no song

like a fish
and no water

like a father
with no daughter

led like a lamb
to a sacrificial slaughter

death seems minuscule
to the feelings I feel now

[.-.]tell me[.-.]

how am I suppose
to breathe with no air?

claustrophobic catastrophes
cleansing & ceasing my
calm collective

eradicating erroneously
each and everything
elastically envelope


I am nothing without you

 Isis sun

cold clammy conscience
created consant complexities

true tenacious tendencies
taunting traumatically
like thorns trapped tangibly

shipwrecked solitude
has chastised me from

\*your love*/

persecuted passion
pacing & promoting
pain’s propoganda
forcing false judgement calls

I fall…lifeless…


love’s air
deserted spaces we
used to occupy-
no signs we’d rectify

when it seems we both desire
a sensual fire rekindled
solare flares of sweet seduction
imbue our inner core

and I need for you even

marginated moments
manifested methodically
manipulate memories


I can’t forget

I’m like a book
with no cover

like a plant
with no sunlight

like a scholar
with no insight

disentegrating slowly
like a nubian star
lost in Ngame’s deep night

losing you has no place
in the love that defined

bountiful burdens
besiege broken
borders by
bullous beguilement

arresting all amorous
actions I attempted
to accurately apply


….have nothing without you…

  .Mase Da Rula.

\ .and./

with nothing
who can I be?

…just a…

mindless mortal
morbidly meddling

lost within


how am I
to survive
this oddity?

left blank
like unused scrolls
invisible syntax
not even a dot
of morse code


waiting to be made whole

~by you~

 Isis sun

:>>my heart<<:
marches to the beats
of passion’s rhythm


without your love as my
my thoughts become

darkened dreams
dispair & disillusion

hopeful hearts hasten
to hold on to
ardor’s fusion


will the love we have
endure this

repititious rancor
reduced the bond
we once enjoyed…

now the cost becomes a riddled

{-_-] faithfully[-_-}

I realize in the end that
by your side is where I
move hastily….
to you, I….


Squared Emotions

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Squared Emotions

Inside the treasure trove
that is my heart & mind lies
the memories of times
spent with you

almost like hallucinations
seeing visions of you
that are realer than
the third dimension

mind pensive
reluctant to revisit
those amiable times
afraid of what lies in them

such a glamorous beauty
at in the least to me
ample anatomy
that’s beyond flattering

contemplating just how
our love ended
in such tragedy
drastically…. I still pine for you

feeling frustrated fiercely
floating aimlessly
without a notion
of what I am without you

wandering within
weighted emotions
tangled in the intangibles
of how to fix what’s broken

Till then…
my quest will be endless
traveling down roads
that we paved before

such familiarity
breeds prosperity
I feel like this time
we’ll make it there

turning our
vicious circle of heartache
into a love
that’s square

written by
.Mase Da Rula.®™©
Diesel from tha D Inc. Publishing


You Don’t Know (The Sickness)

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You Don’t Know (The Sickness)

As the lithium-like sickness afloat in the air
incinerates what little self-restraint a poet has left
a peaceful resolution seems like a distant
fairytale that will never come into actuality

Vile and distorted half-realities
completely and utterly destroying
my current mentality
like cancerous cells infesting in my brain

…and theres no chemo…

You just don’t know what you do
you imbecilic parasites
wishing I could just operate on myself
and cut the sickness off

Allowing the disgusting rotting flesh
to just fester in the open air
blood inklets splatter all across the floor
as a nauseating reminder that I am done being sick

swift and intense force
extremely unwarranted
causing injury


will be bombarding upon your front door
reigning damnation
on any singular entity
whom halts my forward progression

Never at my leisure
it will be at my digression
injecting rancid concoctions
annihilating all residue of your existence

total cessation
ceasing all vitality
destroying futures


is coming

so beware

written by
.Mase Da Rula.®©™
Diesel From Tha D Inc

I Wanna Be Revolutionary

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I Wanna Be Revolutionary

I Wanna Be Revolutionary
Marcus Garvey
standing against the perils of time
like this man did
proud in defiance
never relying on alliances
that restrict my finances
governmental whores
will I adore
false labels
Evisu and Dior
I’ll stick to my wits
triumph over this bullshit
get my 40 acres and mule
doing my own shit

I not only wanna be revolutionary
God – Like
never disgraced
kneeling before
confessing my faith
never replacing

will I lack
Never that
I will bounce back
stand strong
cause these are the things
that go on
in my mind
from sun down
until the morn
let them haters mourn
frustrate their despicable actions
while I’m out in this world
doing something
that’s proactive

I Wanna Be Revolutionary

continue on folks

written by
Mase Da Rula.®©™
Diesel From Tha D Inc © 2009

bitter much…?

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bitter much…?

it’s an old saying that goes
“you reap what you sow”
meaning if you take time
to cultivate something
then it will grow
into whatever its meant to be
me…. you see
I grew this commodity
called love
shed my tears on it so it could grow vibrantly
like the colors of a rainbow
yet my seed bared no fruit….
these rancid tears caused by inner fears
aged my plant many years
and now
its time for reproduction has ceased
my faith in this emotion has decreased
seeing no relief from the sleet of grief
that ultimately became my motif…

night after night angrily
gripping the sheets
because all I ever wanted
was that kinda love
sent from up above….
God Made
Angel gave….
on to me
but all it ever did
was make me a slave
the essentials
that made me the man’
whom I always aspired to be

in a instant you basically said
fuck me..
that how I felt meant shit
to your unfazed demeanor
iced over affections
giving my soul an infection
bacteria eating away slowly
at my lovely recollection
of the memories
of the woman whom
made my heart skip a beat
devouring them haphazardly
now I am standing in defeat

hands tight gripped around
the birthplace of my amour

*breathing fades*

I bitter forever more

written by
.Mase Da Rula.®©™
Diesel From Tha D Inc

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