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Alluding the Illusion

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alluding the illusion

seeing my vision
slowing down to a stand still
I feel sorta like I am
caught in the Matrix
existence in this pseudo reality
really doesn’t suit me well
its thick like dense fog
rolling low to the ground
in the morning time

suffocating to say the least
this stifling entity engulfing
my perception of what’s certain
binding and blinding me
from the light of whats true
this light
the substance we all live for
taken like away like child playthings
never to be seen no more

all rationale thrown to the wayside
I just want to be free from this torture
which needles away at me slowly
unjustly lodged in my brain
amounting enough pressure
to turn coal into diamonds
words dance aimlessly
like heathens in pagan rituals

caring less and less about my lost reality
secondary it’s becoming..
welcoming the fraudulent falsehoods
like it was absolute truth
still..I question myself
how do I allude this illusion?
free myself from this morbid nexus
and take my rightful place in this duration

trying any
and everything I can to break
the shackles that bind
feels like I am peeling off my skin
one cell at a time
blood profusely soaking my fingertips
becoming mementos of my imprisonment
Can I Be Free?
or is this false life my only destiny?

I wonder….

written by
.Mase Da Rula.®©™
Diesel From Tha D Inc


Too Old For Fairytales

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    Too Old for Fairy tales


As the time elapses
hours turn into days
days turn into weeks
& weeks turn into years

A monumental sadness
begins to take root in my heart
diminishing my joy
& my fears taking its part

growing old alone
I atoned
in my youth…
I was wild & uncouth

never give a fuck about love
lust I identified as my truth
for me and all my friends
we thought the same

fuck these bitches…
get these hoes
trapped odiously
inside the game

making a mockery
within things that go tick tock
never stopped
and watched our wreckage

as we infested women kind
like a disease
I was pleased
with what I was doing

but secretly… I was sick
for I am a hopeless romantic at my core
but all these women seen was me
being a dick & a whore

rancorously wanting
to be seen as something more
a fully robust man
sentimentally inclined

setting sail away from
my emotional Never Never Land
with love in my heart
and zeal on my mind

written by
.KING 3-5-7.®©Â™
Diesel From Tha D Inc

No Air

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No Air

(Poetic Collaboration between .Mase Da Rula. & Isis Sun)
.Mase Da Rula.

patiently pacing round
putrid proven paths

pondering plentiful
pragmatic permutations


must be afflicted
with a curse

torturous terror
torments torridly
thrashing & trashing
terrible thoughts
deep into my soul

breath lost


no air
has filled these lungs
since your existence
came to cessation

left without my crutch
cause nobody can replace ya

love’s livid life
left lorn
long gone

what am I
to do

I’m like a bird
with no song

like a fish
and no water

like a father
with no daughter

led like a lamb
to a sacrificial slaughter

death seems minuscule
to the feelings I feel now

[.-.]tell me[.-.]

how am I suppose
to breathe with no air?

claustrophobic catastrophes
cleansing & ceasing my
calm collective

eradicating erroneously
each and everything
elastically envelope


I am nothing without you

 Isis sun

cold clammy conscience
created consant complexities

true tenacious tendencies
taunting traumatically
like thorns trapped tangibly

shipwrecked solitude
has chastised me from

\*your love*/

persecuted passion
pacing & promoting
pain’s propoganda
forcing false judgement calls

I fall…lifeless…


love’s air
deserted spaces we
used to occupy-
no signs we’d rectify

when it seems we both desire
a sensual fire rekindled
solare flares of sweet seduction
imbue our inner core

and I need for you even

marginated moments
manifested methodically
manipulate memories


I can’t forget

I’m like a book
with no cover

like a plant
with no sunlight

like a scholar
with no insight

disentegrating slowly
like a nubian star
lost in Ngame’s deep night

losing you has no place
in the love that defined

bountiful burdens
besiege broken
borders by
bullous beguilement

arresting all amorous
actions I attempted
to accurately apply


….have nothing without you…

  .Mase Da Rula.

\ .and./

with nothing
who can I be?

…just a…

mindless mortal
morbidly meddling

lost within


how am I
to survive
this oddity?

left blank
like unused scrolls
invisible syntax
not even a dot
of morse code


waiting to be made whole

~by you~

 Isis sun

:>>my heart<<:
marches to the beats
of passion’s rhythm


without your love as my
my thoughts become

darkened dreams
dispair & disillusion

hopeful hearts hasten
to hold on to
ardor’s fusion


will the love we have
endure this

repititious rancor
reduced the bond
we once enjoyed…

now the cost becomes a riddled

{-_-] faithfully[-_-}

I realize in the end that
by your side is where I
move hastily….
to you, I….


Novocaine Jane

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*click play to listen while reading*

Novocaine Jane

From the inner most recesses
of my darkest desires
she came into fruition
a venom laden temptress

easily disrupting my every move
severing each & every one
of my senses
stalking me as prey relentless

sizing me up
taking note of my ferociousness
my mind lost in disarray 
that I allowed her into my existence without resisting

& imprisoned

as she feasts upon my mental
& derogates my physical
leaving very little
just scraps & bones

small remnants of a man once renown
this woman here has showed me
a pain I never would have known 
one that penetrates deep into bone
engraved on the spark that was once my soul

driving home sentiments that seemingly so cold
ones that I can not feel
for they never existed in my world

a love so intriguing
it has left me numb to the world
for she is detrimental & beneficial
emblematical of the word…

Written by
.Mase Da Rula.

She’s Got Tha Boom [Boom]

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Greetings Legionnaires

Here’s a throwback of mines that I wanted to share

Listen to the music if you want, but please enjoy

As Always



She’s Got Tha Boom [Boom]

it’s like……

when brain gives birth to conscious thought

such a…….

joy it is having her melded with my synapses

trickling along clairvoyantly
to my each and every extremity

her immaculate being
is my only subsistence
total fulfillment beyond reason

beauty being just a mere word
in the ambiance of her presence
shawty is the wonder or all wonders


the end result of
gorgeousness and captivating
becoming one word

then she would be
the absolute epitome of it
definition being indescribable
because she is just that alluring

illustrious physicality
statuesque like goddesses
shunning away all novices

problem is….
no one in this world
can solve it

the magnanimous complexities
of a women so ambidexteritly

she’s got that va-va boom
ing like 702’s

even in the midst
of one million women
she’s the only LADY in the room

she’s my love


her name




written by
.Mase Da Rula.®©™
Diesel From Tha D Inc

You Don’t Know (The Sickness)

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You Don’t Know (The Sickness)

As the lithium-like sickness afloat in the air
incinerates what little self-restraint a poet has left
a peaceful resolution seems like a distant
fairytale that will never come into actuality

Vile and distorted half-realities
completely and utterly destroying
my current mentality
like cancerous cells infesting in my brain

…and theres no chemo…

You just don’t know what you do
you imbecilic parasites
wishing I could just operate on myself
and cut the sickness off

Allowing the disgusting rotting flesh
to just fester in the open air
blood inklets splatter all across the floor
as a nauseating reminder that I am done being sick

swift and intense force
extremely unwarranted
causing injury


will be bombarding upon your front door
reigning damnation
on any singular entity
whom halts my forward progression

Never at my leisure
it will be at my digression
injecting rancid concoctions
annihilating all residue of your existence

total cessation
ceasing all vitality
destroying futures


is coming

so beware

written by
.Mase Da Rula.®©™
Diesel From Tha D Inc

When It Rains, Its Just God Crying

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When It Rains, Its Just God Crying

As the rain falls outside my window
watching the tears of god pelt the pane
a sudden emotion blankets my attention
and I begin to feel the pain of our creator
not saying I totally understand what he/she/it feels
but for the most part realizing that we as his children
as far from what was envisioned many millennium ago.

The apple has most definitely fallen far from the tree
When god made man, he made him perfect
and since that time we have fallen from atop that throne
First came that damn apple that made us lose paradise
there..we invented sin and from that point on
we invented things like war, disease, murder
and countless other gruesome atrocities.

When it rains, its just god crying
trying to wash away the sins of his children
damping the earth so that our vileness
doesn’t leave a stain upon
the white cloth of the world
So as his tears stream down from the clouds
heaven opens up for a brief moment
and as I look up there I can feel what god feels
and I cry too.

God only makes three requests of his children
Do the best you can, where you are
and with what you have now
and we as mankind have been misusing
everything we were already given
And as I sympathize with god……
I would cry too if my children forgot from whence they came.

I was once told true remorse
is never just a regret over consequence
it is a regret over motive
I know a billion apologies wouldn’t make up for our sins
but Dear Lord….
I’m sorry for making you cry.

written by
.Mase Da Rula.®©™
Diesel From Tha D Inc © 2010