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Cold World

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Cold World

living in a world so cold
the icy predicaments
changing all possible variables
of what we called existence

negative degree temperatures
rage tremendously on my mind
my frostbitten intellect hardly recollects
any memory of the passage of time

everything seemingly pale
as the ice entombs all
in it bitterly cold prison
I wonder….. is this living?

gritting and baring through the elements
as they pierce through frigid flesh
like spikes on harden soil
blood turning hues..a beautiful shade of blue

as my mind loses stability
forgetting all traces of you
you..the ice hurricane
flash freezing my heart

guess love doesn’t exist
in a world that was cold
from the start

written by
.Mase Da Rula.®©™
Diesel From Tha D Inc


Perfect Poet Award Week 34 Winner

Posted in General Conversation with tags , , , , on December 4, 2010 by Mase Da Rula

In The Words


Stewie Griffin

from Family Guy

“Victory Is Mine”

Winner of the Perfect Poet Award for Week 34

as sunshine paves wonders through
the darkest of shade



===> Song In Rotation 05.18.2010 <===

Posted in General Conversation with tags , , on May 18, 2010 by Mase Da Rula

WHAT UP DOE my legionnaires?

Been way to long…. I missed ya’ll.

Just wanted to hit ya’ll with this song that I like..

I know some of you all may like it as well

DrakeFind Your Love

This song almost gets me back in the mood to love again

#WriteOrDIE BITCHES !!!!!

R.I.P. Chris Henry

Posted in General Conversation with tags , on December 17, 2009 by Mase Da Rula

R.I.P Chris Henry

Chris Henry

Wide receiver
Jersey # 15

Born May 17, 1983
Belle Chasse, Louisiana
Died December 17, 2009 (aged 26)
Charlotte, North Carolina

Career Stats
Year(s) 2005–2009
NFL Draft 2005 / Round: 3 / Pick: 83
College West Virginia

Professional teams
Cincinnati Bengals (2005–2009)
Career stats
Receptions 119
Receiving yards 1,826
Receiving TDs 21

First off…. my condolences go out to the family of Chris Henry… his fiancée and three children. Such a tragic lost of life… my prayers are with them.

The reason I am writing this blog is to talk about relationships… and in general domestic interaction between men and women.  You see with the death of Chris Henry.. how the ultimate price was paid due to a poor relationship status between him and his fiancée.

Granted… we do not know the interworking of their relationship and not all relationships are like theirs but one thing stands true.. and that is that all this could of been solved by proper communication.

Without it… no relationship has a chance.  You need that as a foundation to make any relationship work correctly.. and in this case it seems as if it was missing.

The two got into a domestic dispute aka lover’s quarrel instead of talking about their issues in a respectful manner… one just left in the heat of an argument… sparking Chris to jump in that pickup.. which later led to his demise.

He didn’t have to die… she could saved his life if she had just sat down and heard him out completely.  Women are good for that…. not letting a guy make their point.. just leaving because they refuse to hear us out

I call bullshit on all women today… whether Chris had done something to warrant her leaving or not…. women know when a man is at his limit when it comes to an argument. She could of just let him speak his peace…. and if she didn’t like.. then leave.

But…… that didn’t happen so….. all I can say is this…. if  you want a love to last and be healthy…. talk… talk… talk…




Chris Henry

Ain’t No Sunshine……

Posted in General Conversation with tags , on December 17, 2009 by Mase Da Rula

Wassup folks……?

Have you ever gotten into it with the one you love..only to regret it in the long run? Like… no matter who was right or who was the end, all you are left with is an unbearable feeling of sadness, remourse for what has happened.

That hole feeling like a piece of yourself is matter whether you and that person broke up or decided to spend time apart. It’s that feeling like..damn…I really miss that person despite it all.

The feeling you get if two people share an undying connection that transcends everything. Kinda hard to describe it… but if I had to give it a label… I would say it is similar to sunshine…. because when its darky and gloom.. we all look forward to that first ray of sun.

To us.. its symbolizing hope for the new day… that bad times are over and we can stop worrying…get back to our usual convocations.

I know people reading this entry will be like.. yeah another sob ass story..blah blah… you shouldn’t have messed up in the first place.. but I didn’t write this to lament over any situation I am going through.. moreso to try and understand why I feel the way I do?

Why we feel like this when it does occur? How to get over it.. without having to burying our feelings? This confused state is killing me!

I dunno…. you all tell me? I’m Open for you all opinions…


My Top 5 Emcees

Posted in General Conversation with tags , on December 2, 2009 by Mase Da Rula

Yeah… we’ve done it….. but this time I’m be 100 with my list…

so in no particular order.. no explanantions

1.) Jay-Z

2.) The Notorious B.I.G

3.) Tupac Shakur

4.) Eminem

5.) Rakim

Now Post Yours

===> Song In Rotation 12.02.2009 <===

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Yeah Yeah Yeah

I made this my song of the night a while back but this remix….


man.. I am excited for the new lupe coming out… he dropped a dope ass mixtape called the Enemy of The State : A Love Story..

go cop that… the intro alone is flames.. and testifies that Lupe is top 10 lyricist alive.

so let the Angels sing to you…

Duh Duh Duh Dunnnnn It’s that Dirty Money