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Squared Emotions

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Squared Emotions

Inside the treasure trove
that is my heart & mind lies
the memories of times
spent with you

almost like hallucinations
seeing visions of you
that are realer than
the third dimension

mind pensive
reluctant to revisit
those amiable times
afraid of what lies in them

such a glamorous beauty
at in the least to me
ample anatomy
that’s beyond flattering

contemplating just how
our love ended
in such tragedy
drastically…. I still pine for you

feeling frustrated fiercely
floating aimlessly
without a notion
of what I am without you

wandering within
weighted emotions
tangled in the intangibles
of how to fix what’s broken

Till then…
my quest will be endless
traveling down roads
that we paved before

such familiarity
breeds prosperity
I feel like this time
we’ll make it there

turning our
vicious circle of heartache
into a love
that’s square

written by
.Mase Da Rula.®™©
Diesel from tha D Inc. Publishing