Sagittarian Therapy

Sagittarian Therapy

Allow me
to be the prescription
to all of your desires

you hanging onto my every word
as your body here perspires
clothes drenched

the intense ambiance
emanated between us

I am not here for just a fuckdown
I am here to nurture your Venus
as you devour my Mars

Us unifying
our magnanimous love
across these here stars

galaxial pressures
I endeavor
to deliver

Sagittarian pleasures
onto your celestial pedestal

consolidating constellations
radiating sensations
during our unrivaled lovemaking

not fronting
or faking
just our souls baking

baited breaths till
nothings left, passion marks
tattooed all over your chest

Our eyes
glossed over, your hair
looking a mess

This is not just the act of sex
it is the merger of two halves into one
& throwing away the excess

So please allow me access…

access to your entrance
breeding our romance
in cosmical abundance

where our love
reigns supreme…
unequaled .. in dominance

Written by
.Mase Da Rula.
Diesel From The D Publishings Inc. ®©™


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