Entrance To My Dreams

The Entrance To My Dreams

As I peer out into the eerie darkness
trying to perceive what it really means
by definition; devoid of illumination
being the opposite of light

I see…
& try as I might,
I see nothin
but what lies on the surface

Like a mask…
the symbolence of it, I wear…
lacking illumination
I again am facing a potential dilemma

How does one seek the light within him?
Is it a road one travels by trials & tribulations?
or is it metaphorical &
I have to sense it into realization?

The mind makes a troubling conundrum,
which brings me back
to the beginning of the situation of which
has had me on the humble…

Peering out into that darkness,
eyes strained
from focusing
out into the abyss

like a flicker
my vision wanes
in a reverse bliss

My eyes in disbelief
b/c I’ve done seen something
that cannot be seen
Deep within that darkness
lies the entrance to my dreams

Written by
.Mase Da Rula.
Diesel from tha D Inc
Copyright © 2011


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