She’s Got Tha Boom [Boom]

Greetings Legionnaires

Here’s a throwback of mines that I wanted to share

Listen to the music if you want, but please enjoy

As Always



She’s Got Tha Boom [Boom]

it’s like……

when brain gives birth to conscious thought

such a…….

joy it is having her melded with my synapses

trickling along clairvoyantly
to my each and every extremity

her immaculate being
is my only subsistence
total fulfillment beyond reason

beauty being just a mere word
in the ambiance of her presence
shawty is the wonder or all wonders


the end result of
gorgeousness and captivating
becoming one word

then she would be
the absolute epitome of it
definition being indescribable
because she is just that alluring

illustrious physicality
statuesque like goddesses
shunning away all novices

problem is….
no one in this world
can solve it

the magnanimous complexities
of a women so ambidexteritly

she’s got that va-va boom
ing like 702’s

even in the midst
of one million women
she’s the only LADY in the room

she’s my love


her name




written by
.Mase Da Rula.®©™
Diesel From Tha D Inc


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