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Latent Love

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Latent Love

Latent Love

deep within my flesh covered caverns
lies a burgeoning treasure called love

sequestered for what seems like eternity
steadily appreciating in value as the time goes on

casted-away in fear of losing it forever
thrown into the abyss of my misery

long have I erased it from my turbulent history
but somehow…. love still calls out to me

laying dormant in its latency
lately I’ve been feeling it anxiously

for love once again reared it wondrous head
snatching the sadness and turmoil like flies in a spider’s web

never shall I forsaken something so swell
because living in a world without it has seemingly become hell

sincere emotions held captive like I’m in jail
working my hardest so that this time it doesn’t fail

failure being not an option I choose not to let prevail
so forever will I cherish this love…

let it take me on a journey as the wind in my sail

written by
.Mase Da Rula.®©™
Diesel From Tha D Inc


I’m Open (To Love)

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I’m Open (To Love)

in angelic tones
she sings
her notes reverberating
off my soul
in perfect pitch

in tune
to the
she brings

so supreme
she gleams
upon rings

the rays
of her aura
to radiate
within me

into something

not an emotion
of the
born within
my dreams

future scenarios
where you
are with me

me is synonymous
with pronoun

where are our love
symbolizes everything
that’s good in this world
from here
till the cliffs of eternity

right here
in front of me
the notes of infatuation
as they float ceremoniously

[beautiful ain’t it…?]

I’m open to the world now
and can’t nothing ever
taint it

written by
.Mase Da Rula.®©™
Diesel From Tha D Inc

Perfect Poet Award Week 34 Winner

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In The Words


Stewie Griffin

from Family Guy

“Victory Is Mine”

Winner of the Perfect Poet Award for Week 34

as sunshine paves wonders through
the darkest of shade