Tales of A Murdered Heart

Tales of A Murdered Heart

Standing in a room
darker than pitch black
extreme suspense takes
a hold of my dying heart……
watching it take its last few beats
blood spilling out from thence
you can see my life force
evaporating like condensation
when it hits warm air

Pondering this tragic anomaly
noticing how dire
the situation really is
I take a step back
and look how I traveled
to this point in time…
seeing the flashbacks
as if they were
full length movies in my mind

The love that once
encompassed my being
is what bring the curtains down
on the stage play of my heart
believing in the immaculate wonders
of it
love’s betrayal struck back
ripped my flesh entwined
and pierced right through..

Leaving a gapping hole
to stand as a testimony
of the horrendous act
that just took place
not having a second
to even contemplate
my options
if any
of what was about to be fold me

And as I stare down
at this lifeless pile of flesh
I once called a heart
I read between the moments
of life and death
seeing eerie shadow of the Grim Reaper
when he comes to reprocess what left of me
I can tell him that
these are the tales of a murdered heart

written by
.Mase Da Rula.®©™
Diesel From Tha D Inc © 2010


18 Responses to “Tales of A Murdered Heart”

  1. I felt like this heart was “murdered” by its owner because of a love that wasn’t returned to it. Sadness so deep…and tragic. So well articulated.

  2. The last stanza caught me off guard.
    ‘…lifeless pile of flesh I once called a heart’ very visual but heartfelt.

  3. powerful ending…
    the flow goes strong and cool,
    amazing poem.
    Thanks for beaming it with poets rally week 34.

  4. Deep and Poetic…well done.


  5. A very good thought n’ Imagination !!

  6. sigh..u can feel the hurt in this one..

  7. Murdered or shredded, it will never come back alive again, wonderfully written!=D

  8. A broken heart can indeed feel like a dying heart. Quite an emotional piece; the pain, as it is described, is almost tangible.

  9. Sad 😦
    “And as I stare down
    at this lifeless pile of flesh
    I once called a heart”

    Ouch…I can feel the hurt in these lines…very strong emotions penned down very beautifully!!

  10. Very sad, I wish I knew the whole story, exactly what influenced this poem.



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