Jaded Mistake

Jaded Mistake

at times like these
I strenuously question
my sanity

asking myself
why do I get lost
deep within your vanity?

and asking why
do I fall in love
with those who
can damage me

destroy me from
inside my core
in this here reality
similar to an infected computer

but the difference
being here is you
can not swap out
parts that have no replacement

...so what am I here faced with?…
emotions that have no meaning
and a heart that has become jaded
and the worst of all

tears that paint
this here pavement
streaming from tear ducts
like water from faucets

mind seemingly deranged
my intelligence I have lost it
all because you came for love
and you accosted it

tarnished and sullied this feeling
into something unrecognizable
so now love for me
has become unreliable

a figment of a memory
that I once held liable
the same memory that made me
once love you like an idol

but now to erase that pain
my heart
is the only thing I have to lie to

written by
.Mase Da Rula.®©™
Diesel From Tha D Inc © 2010


9 Responses to “Jaded Mistake”

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  3. Great use of similes!

  4. love the way you do it,
    smart poem.

  5. http://thursdaypoetsrallypoetry.wordpress.com/2010/10/27/the-celebrate-poet-of-september-award-nomination-announcement/

    how are you?
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    when you vote for other poets, u win another vote for yourself,

    thanks for the attention.

  6. Great poem, loved the rhythm. I hope to read more of your stuff soon! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Lady Xpressi0ns Says:

    I loved this. Great metaphors and it was easy to follow the transition. I enjoyed reading it. Keep it up man.

  8. […] A ruler’s Kingdom:  https://dieselfromthad.wordpress.com/2010/10/27/jaded-mistake/ […]

  9. Well-written! Love reading it. 🙂

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