Passionate Intellect

Passionate Intellect

figure me similarly
to a bead of sweat
coasting down
your body
hugging your skin
like little girls
and their teddy bears

promise baby
I’m never scared
never afraid
to get lost within the paradise
that steadily entices
melting the niceness
out of me like ice
on 100 degree day

I’m asking baby
please stay
stay and allow me preach
this sermon of love
to the congregation
of your soul
allowing me to take hold
of something so incredibly bold

as I creep sensually slow
caressing your essence
seduce by your stare
getting high off your pheromones
taking my precious time to prolong
this moment setting
the cinematics that will
have you acrobatic

and so after so dramatic
as I split your gates of heaven
reigning down destruction
recking havoc like something
you’ll never imagined
my sex game like magic
puffs and spells
ringing bells
having you hallucinate real well

and hopefully
the room in your heart
will swell
allowing room for me to dwell
within your love forever
so that this will never fade

written by
.Mase Da Rula.®©™
Diesel From Tha D Inc


4 Responses to “Passionate Intellect”

  1. A very passionate poem and vivid images.


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  4. Femme Sankofa Says:

    this was sexy and seems like I was watching something in s l o w motion… i loved it.

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