Love Like Treasure

Love Like Treasure

Undiscovered like forgotten lands
lost upon horizons unseen
there you appear like a mirage
buried under earth surpassing
any fortune in my dreams

Insurmountable your worth
equivocal to none as it seem
and here you are
in the flesh
you are as real as can be

Joyous the celebration
of this miraculous discovery
I covet your every movement
as its made uniquely
in front of me

Blissfully aroused
as these emotions do peak
a star you are
symbolizing the piece
..thats missing…

I hope that you’ll
sit down and listen
remain mine till the end of time
being the centerpiece of my existence
as this Queen I did find

written by
.Mase Da Rula.®©™
Diesel From Tha D Inc


4 Responses to “Love Like Treasure”

  1. A good love poem that goes well with the song lyrics as a backdrop to the emotions express in the poem.

  2. dammmmm i love this piece….and thats my song….love love love it..*smile*

  3. you must be talking about me……wow…i feel so beautiful when you paint me with your heavenly words ….kisses****

  4. Femme Sankofa Says:

    1 word, 3 syllables: Beautiful.

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