Say Something

Say Something

Noticing as she walks
by me absentmindedly
the grace thats was once
in her step has all but vanished

erased from a slate
that symbolized completeness
epitomizes sweetness

a demur ensemble
of perfect anatomy
that seemingly derived
from the Book of Deuteronomy

She was my Promised Land
and I was her Moses
And together…
nothing in this world could dispose it could you
tell me why she
walking around acting
like she’s in Fast Forward?

My boisterous yells
sounding like whispers
and the aura that surrounds her
only gets thicker and thicker

She’s lost…..
sitting here alone
wondering why my heart
is paying the cost?

And as her image
becomes an afterthought
off in the distance…..
secretly wishing she say

…….something cause I miss her

written by
.Mase Da Rula.®©™
Diesel From Tha D Inc


2 Responses to “Say Something”

  1. Wow this is a def piece that should be answered deep in though and captures the soul is what I felt leaves one thinking and feeling makes one look in the mirror an exhale

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