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Sweetest Euphoria (Lick’em Lolli)

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throwback from 2008

#WriteOrDie Bitches

Sweetest Euphoria (Lick’em Lolli)


waiting wondrously
while weighted
wonders walk
wildly to me



taking towering
tolls transcending
towards total



feeling fantastically
flustered from
fiending fiendishly
for you

{(as you)}


down there



roughly rugged
rigorously raging
recklessly as the
pleasure intensify



of the euphoric entrance
into pure ecstasy


Alas this…….

powerful purified passion
is plugged into my
piqued presence
all from
one simple lick
of my lollipop

A Word


Da Lord

Mason Da Rula

Copyrighted 2008
Diesel From Tha D Inc.


Like The Sun Loves The Moon (You)

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Another throwback from 2008 … check it out

#WriteOrDie Bitches

Like The Sun Loves The Moon (You)

As the moon chases the sun off the horizon
I am sitting here postulating
the interrelationship between the the two
how symbiotic the sun and the moon really are
like two young lovers running blissfully
through a meadow,
trying as they might not to let one
catch up to the other,
yet some how only being a step apart.

This is comparable to our relationship,
in how our love doesn’t force
itself upon one another,
we give each other time to illuminate
more beautifully than a sea of roses
in The Garden of Eden,
we compliment well together,
strengthen our strengths
and upgrading our flaws

Like The Sun Love The Moon,
I love you more as each day concludes….
it’s the way that you walk,
it’s the way that you talk,
it’s that way they you do every little thing right
your love is so soothing,
just the way that you move me
can’t believe that I feel the way
I do right now

Feeling like I’m floating air,
I just wanna coast here with you,
as long as you are here
I don’t have nothing to fear
because with you
everything just seems perfect
the time,
the place,
and most importantly you

You are like the embodiment of harmony,
in life few things are certain..
but what is certain to me
is the way I feel about you..

Some say
above all things,
is a gift of one’s self
to another
my gift
to you is

I Love You

A Word


Da Lord

Mason Da Ruler
Diesel From Tha D Inc.
copyright 2008

My Sex Is Like

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a throwback from 2008.. check it out

#WriteOrDie Bitches

My Sex Is Like

{(Haiku & Tanka)}

my sex is like…damn
small beautiful eruptions
inside sacred walls

overflowing great pleasure
satisfaction guaranteed

promising nothing
will be left unattained
serving what you need

sweet, passionate love
devoting time to exceed
your expectations

humbly I ask
will you allow me to please
my sweet sweet lady

arousing not only
your mind body and soul, but
your dreams, ambitions

imagination as well
ensuring my sex is like……..

the shit

A Word


Da Lord

Mason Da Rula
Copyrighted 2008