R.I.P. Chris Henry

R.I.P Chris Henry

Chris Henry

Wide receiver
Jersey # 15

Born May 17, 1983
Belle Chasse, Louisiana
Died December 17, 2009 (aged 26)
Charlotte, North Carolina

Career Stats
Year(s) 2005–2009
NFL Draft 2005 / Round: 3 / Pick: 83
College West Virginia

Professional teams
Cincinnati Bengals (2005–2009)
Career stats
Receptions 119
Receiving yards 1,826
Receiving TDs 21

First off…. my condolences go out to the family of Chris Henry… his fiancée and three children. Such a tragic lost of life… my prayers are with them.

The reason I am writing this blog is to talk about relationships… and in general domestic interaction between men and women.  You see with the death of Chris Henry.. how the ultimate price was paid due to a poor relationship status between him and his fiancée.

Granted… we do not know the interworking of their relationship and not all relationships are like theirs but one thing stands true.. and that is that all this could of been solved by proper communication.

Without it… no relationship has a chance.  You need that as a foundation to make any relationship work correctly.. and in this case it seems as if it was missing.

The two got into a domestic dispute aka lover’s quarrel instead of talking about their issues in a respectful manner… one just left in the heat of an argument… sparking Chris to jump in that pickup.. which later led to his demise.

He didn’t have to die… she could saved his life if she had just sat down and heard him out completely.  Women are good for that…. not letting a guy make their point.. just leaving because they refuse to hear us out

I call bullshit on all women today… whether Chris had done something to warrant her leaving or not…. women know when a man is at his limit when it comes to an argument. She could of just let him speak his peace…. and if she didn’t like.. then leave.

But…… that didn’t happen so….. all I can say is this…. if  you want a love to last and be healthy…. talk… talk… talk…




Chris Henry


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