Ain’t No Sunshine……

Wassup folks……?

Have you ever gotten into it with the one you love..only to regret it in the long run? Like… no matter who was right or who was the end, all you are left with is an unbearable feeling of sadness, remourse for what has happened.

That hole feeling like a piece of yourself is matter whether you and that person broke up or decided to spend time apart. It’s that feeling like..damn…I really miss that person despite it all.

The feeling you get if two people share an undying connection that transcends everything. Kinda hard to describe it… but if I had to give it a label… I would say it is similar to sunshine…. because when its darky and gloom.. we all look forward to that first ray of sun.

To us.. its symbolizing hope for the new day… that bad times are over and we can stop worrying…get back to our usual convocations.

I know people reading this entry will be like.. yeah another sob ass story..blah blah… you shouldn’t have messed up in the first place.. but I didn’t write this to lament over any situation I am going through.. moreso to try and understand why I feel the way I do?

Why we feel like this when it does occur? How to get over it.. without having to burying our feelings? This confused state is killing me!

I dunno…. you all tell me? I’m Open for you all opinions…



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