…just the real

What Up Doe…….?

… so I am sitting watchin last thursday’s Flash Forward and towards the end I get instant message from my ex

…. nothing to imparticular… just shooting the shit….. she is a writer/blogger like me and she tells me she just started a new blog… just for her personal shit

… so I’m  cool.. whatever… in my mind I know from past occurences whenever she blogs, she is going in on something that is affecting her, and she holds no punches… lover.. friend.. ex… family.. any person can get the wrath

so she sends link…. and I am like  uh ohhhh…. let’s see who is victim. I know in the past I’ve fallen into that spot… and normally feel extra hurt because she is the one I love…. who wants to hear the person they love tell you something that hits straight to the center of your very being

after reading… as usual.. she deaded alot of people…. who in particular I do not know because we are not together, but some of what she wrote applies to me or could have applied to me in our past.. and when something like that is said… how can you respond to that…? Like… what is the protocol on speaking about whats been said without offended one another, in a civil manner with no one side yelling or screaming

you can’t… its utterly impossible… I’ve tried on many occassions to sit down and talk civil about something she wrote.. but time and time again… I FAIL

Which brought to question…. why would someone intentionally set up a lose-lose scenerio like that for public display.. knowing you want feedback on  your thoughts.. just not the ones from the people you just verbally thrashed possible or from the scenerio you just depicted

I hate sounding like the upset person who always have an issue with something.. but when you feel like you can not say what you want without being judged for it.. yet what you say hurts the people you say you care most about…… something is wrong with what your saying

We all are entitled to our opinions, and have every right in the way to express them in whatever fashion. But when what you say is always taken outta context.. or people always feel some sort of way about the things you say.. you need to correct that.. you need to look within yourself and ask honestly..

why my opinion hurts….? Some say the truth hurts… but real truth don’t hurt.. real truth inspires change… growth from one vessel onto another… not damage/destroy one’s hopes and dreams.. sense of reality.. make people second guess themselves when they are around you

thats not right…

so beware what you say… or should say.. how you think my people

Have a Blessed Day…. #WriteOrDie


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