====>Song Of The Day 11-21-2009<====

Change Time – Mad Talent Da Prophet

This is a song by my homie Mario aka Mad Talent Da Prophet

C.E.O. of Reality Muzik

The song at is speaking to my soul right now. In my life I am going through alot of change and at times the pressures of such weigh me down.

Have you ever felt like no matter what you do...despite the positive attitude and go getter demeanor..that you can not accomplish the things in life that make you happy…?

The things in life that are valuable to you and only you. Recently at times..I outwardly vented my frustrations of it all and it seems the more I do…that more that these pressures pile it on, but look at the alternative..keep the pain in is like pressure bursting pipes.. and knowing myself… I wouldn’t wanna have to hurt someone or put myself through something like that.

So what are my options….keep it in.. and hurt in silence… or let it out and watch it grow into something uncontrollable? I dunno…. but like Rio said….

“I gotta change time to progress my self and progress my wealth before it digress my health”

So…. guess this is just that beginning of that

A Word From Da Lord Mason Da Rula


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