Swearing Allegiance To Death

Swearing Allegiance To Death

with my cautiousness at an all-time high
I clear paths for vision’s crystal clarity
to seek ways out of the darkness
that surrounds me completely
looming low-key like shadows in alleyways
all hope for escape seem minuscule
tension nearing its peak
steadily squeezing every ounce of courage
from up out of me like juice from an orange

this fear is something like
I never felt before
its maniacal misgivings mutilating maliciously
the last few strains of sanity I have left
being spooked scared straight
hairs on stand still as the fear courses
through my veins at speeds in league with
how light travels…
fast and instantaneous

blinded by fear
the darkness consumes me
utterly devouring everything that is me
mind and body becoming entree’s
to this ferocious feast
with whats left…
my soul
being left last for nourishment for the darkness
being teased and taunted….

the darkness calling me home
within it cold clammy grasps
trying to forcibly submit me to its whims
in a last ditch effort to save myself
I swear allegiance to death..
because I know where my soul goes
after this life
and I’ll be damned if
I succumb to something that isn’t my destiny
so middle finger to the darkness
fuck you…..
I’m Ready To Die

written by
.Mase Da Rula.®©™
Diesel From Tha D Inc


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