She Be….[Nasty]

She Be….[Nasty]

her lustful desires are peaking
me here thinking
mind lost
in erotic enchantment
like nothing I’ve seen before

I wanna make her my whore
as she
drops it down to the floor
booty seemingly hypnotic
as that
pussy’s moving like hydraulics
up & down
my manhood real tight

she be……[nasty]
her body I am firmly grasping
luscious lumps
I long to lick like licorice whips
wit hips poking out like battleships
crashing waves of many flav(or)s
pouring from within her

eating her up like Sunday dinner
devouring her delicious
delectables devilishly
diving down deep
causing her to weep
tears of utter joy
cause soon she’ll be asleep

me plowing
her owwwww(ing)
hearing sounds of sinful bliss

sealing it with a kiss
she be……[nasty]
tried her hardest to outlast me
but nah ma
my skills won’t diminish
but for tonight is only 1 night
and this is….
just the beginning

so saddle up

written by
.Mase Da Rula.®©™
Diesel From Tha D Inc


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