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Lexiconic Foreplay

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Lexiconic Foreplay
A .Mase Da Rula. and .Archaic.Bliss. Collaboration



deep {pen}etration
alliterated flirtatious

became frisky


action verbs

oral {dic}tation
by way of
tracing poetic outlines
with tongues





our foreshadows

predicting throats to echo improper nouns
as run on sentences began to excrete
our bodies drowned in vowels
rapidly running down cheeks


after this

we gonna have
to flip
the page

.Mase Da Rula.

go and
set the stage

…lexiconic foreplay

me to

upon your
love contraption

your profound

to my
metaphoric adaption
collapsing lungs
with my
sensual syntax


our souls

becoming synonymous
with consonants

that go unspoken
suddenly become dominant


delving into the
desires that
drench upon
the distinguish canvas
of our sensual stage play

the performance
will echo
through time
for all eternity


====>Song Of The Day 11-21-2009<====

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Change Time – Mad Talent Da Prophet

This is a song by my homie Mario aka Mad Talent Da Prophet

C.E.O. of Reality Muzik

The song at is speaking to my soul right now. In my life I am going through alot of change and at times the pressures of such weigh me down.

Have you ever felt like no matter what you do...despite the positive attitude and go getter demeanor..that you can not accomplish the things in life that make you happy…?

The things in life that are valuable to you and only you. Recently at times..I outwardly vented my frustrations of it all and it seems the more I do…that more that these pressures pile it on, but look at the alternative..keep the pain in is like pressure bursting pipes.. and knowing myself… I wouldn’t wanna have to hurt someone or put myself through something like that.

So what are my options….keep it in.. and hurt in silence… or let it out and watch it grow into something uncontrollable? I dunno…. but like Rio said….

“I gotta change time to progress my self and progress my wealth before it digress my health”

So…. guess this is just that beginning of that

A Word From Da Lord Mason Da Rula

Twitter Collaboration – Runway

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(Click click)
Smile for the camera,
This is the runway to my soul.

(ching ching)
There goes the pennies
I count an hold!

“Tune in This is the channel that tells it all.”

(Drop drop)
There goes my feelings…

“Once upon a time”
I use to feel,
To tell it all….
(Automatically driven)

(snap snap)
I listen to the finger taps,
Threw the glass,
Ear to a phone,

All I hear is ringtones
Of ppl an there un needed opinions!

All I hear is janae this,
“Why do you do that”
Like,……… (did I ever mention!)
This one question?
Did you ever read in between the lines of my pain?
Before you opened your mouth thinking my fucking ears care to listen!

So, (flash flash)
Lies my name in this empty picture frame….

(Knock knock)
Who goes there?
Is my brains middle name
Finger to the world
I’m not hearing what your saying.

So hollowed out from everyones saying,
I’m on a runway
Without the paying!
One that leads you to my soul
And drowns you in my dying pain…
“No musics playing tho”

(So cling cling)
I shake pennies out my piggy bank,
Chop your words into pages of my poetry book,
Post you on the Internet
Just so you can have a better look!

I’m not here to make money off my poetry!
But the intake it took to write pain
With my finger tips
So read, an listen,
Before you mention my name!

(Click click)
Plz learn a lesson
I don’t take this shit as a game
No gangsta shit I don’t bust shot for fame!

Pose for the camera,
And Make sure you never forget janae!

(Mase Da Rula)

(Click Click)

and never forget me
a man possess with the pen
cinematic is how I dream

(click click)

reel after reel spinning
as adrenaline pumps thru veins
having me floating on
planes of existence
that no other can witness

just me and my own mind
minding my business
it a literal consensus
that when I write
I’m relentless

burning thru pages
like a disease
that plagues minds
rewind time
but forever I’m sublime

I am written like history
so studied me studiously
till the ends of time
or sulk in your internal misery
tryin to figure me out

(click click)

and as the inks drips…
allow my pen to blend
permeate and begin
a feeling that transcends
the boundaries
that hold us in bondage

let us acknowledge
our own omnipotent power
and be like Gods within this hour
Luminary I be
Lord Mase
never disgraced
kneeling before the father
confessing my faith
and admiration

never replacing him
but praising him
for he is the guideline to our salvation
and if my emulation is basis
for what you’ll be facing
if you oppose me

(Click Click…..chuckles)

then I don’t know
what to tell you homie…
I’m on my G-O-D right now….

so runaway

A Twitter Collaboration between Janaekay & Mase Da Rula

Swearing Allegiance To Death

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Swearing Allegiance To Death

with my cautiousness at an all-time high
I clear paths for vision’s crystal clarity
to seek ways out of the darkness
that surrounds me completely
looming low-key like shadows in alleyways
all hope for escape seem minuscule
tension nearing its peak
steadily squeezing every ounce of courage
from up out of me like juice from an orange

this fear is something like
I never felt before
its maniacal misgivings mutilating maliciously
the last few strains of sanity I have left
being spooked scared straight
hairs on stand still as the fear courses
through my veins at speeds in league with
how light travels…
fast and instantaneous

blinded by fear
the darkness consumes me
utterly devouring everything that is me
mind and body becoming entree’s
to this ferocious feast
with whats left…
my soul
being left last for nourishment for the darkness
being teased and taunted….

the darkness calling me home
within it cold clammy grasps
trying to forcibly submit me to its whims
in a last ditch effort to save myself
I swear allegiance to death..
because I know where my soul goes
after this life
and I’ll be damned if
I succumb to something that isn’t my destiny
so middle finger to the darkness
fuck you…..
I’m Ready To Die

written by
.Mase Da Rula.®©™
Diesel From Tha D Inc

She Be….[Nasty]

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She Be….[Nasty]

her lustful desires are peaking
me here thinking
mind lost
in erotic enchantment
like nothing I’ve seen before

I wanna make her my whore
as she
drops it down to the floor
booty seemingly hypnotic
as that
pussy’s moving like hydraulics
up & down
my manhood real tight

she be……[nasty]
her body I am firmly grasping
luscious lumps
I long to lick like licorice whips
wit hips poking out like battleships
crashing waves of many flav(or)s
pouring from within her

eating her up like Sunday dinner
devouring her delicious
delectables devilishly
diving down deep
causing her to weep
tears of utter joy
cause soon she’ll be asleep

me plowing
her owwwww(ing)
hearing sounds of sinful bliss

sealing it with a kiss
she be……[nasty]
tried her hardest to outlast me
but nah ma
my skills won’t diminish
but for tonight is only 1 night
and this is….
just the beginning

so saddle up

written by
.Mase Da Rula.®©™
Diesel From Tha D Inc

Exotic Dreams (Ode 2 Abby Noelle)

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Exotic Dreams

with a serpentine tongue
I endeavor
to transverse this Saharan plateau
it into its homonym ; gushy
delectable pussy
tasting so good to me

as your sugary molecules
paint passion across my face
never will I erase
these moments
similar to love sonnets
adding to the lovely component
of your sensual moaning

reverberating through bone
permeating through flesh
I attest
I will not rest till love
is inscribed within
your chest

birthed from my entrance
into your nest
like pine
weaving in & out
till you spout like water fountains out of tryst

full immersion
until feelings are certain
that your lost like birds
flowing freely in the sky
and the only words
you understand
you & I

only in my dreams….
these exotic dreams
of mine

written by
.Mase Da Rula.®©™
Diesel From Tha D Inc