Twitter Collaboration – Come Lay With Me

Come Lay With Me

(.Mase Da Rula.)

potent potency
completely taking hold of me


by each and every glance
you send my way oh so forwardly…
come lay with me
complete this trifecta

you & me
and a body like GOD’s perfection

forgetting about hectic
decisions of everyday living
and get lost

mentally within your mind
& physically within the division
of your legs

go ahead and spread

allow me to enter
this paradise on earth

a region that will give birth
to renewed feelings
that’s worth the selection

so come


(Come lay with me)

Let me feel the elements of your body,
“Yes let me feel”
I can smell the existents of Ur heart beating,
And the movements of my hands
Running down every square inch,
Damn never knew Ur sexiness stretched outside Of Ur presents.
(Come lay with me)
Feel the wetness between
My legs, let me put candy
On top of Ur peep hole
No traces
Î don’t need a blue print to create the thesis of Ur delectation’s.
Let my eyes wonder down to Ur lips
Slip my Tung in between some of the most beautiful hips.
(I’ve ever seen)
And never seen
Legs spread as wide as this.
Let confabulate with Mrs. Pretty
For a few hours,
Take her to the shower an
Refresh this,
So we can lay together once again.
Ur god’s reflection,
And I’m Mary’s hand (what a virgin) can’t explain the tightness
U’ve displayed!
So……. (come lay with me)
Create passion,
Screaming my name in this bedroom.
I’ve pressed record so we can press play,
And when Ur away
Î can rewind the 1st time u laid in my bed
And we put on a display of
Sweet juices……
I’m a recite my technique’s in my sleep
While my hands run threw Ur hair.
So…… (come lay with me)
And feel the unconditional
Love in the air,
Why Î replace ur head with mine near.
(Come lay with me)

A Poetic Twitter Collaboration


.Mase Da Rula. & janaekay


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  1. yeaaaaaaaaaa ima post it in my blog

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