Contemplating {(Complicated)} Moments In Love

Contemplating {(Complicated)} Moments In Love

{(Free-Verse & Haiku)}

venturing upon levels of thought which no man travels

where free flowing ideals and heartfelt sentiments attain physical manifestations

in this limited reality

seriously questioning the intelligence of my heart at times

“how can my feelings be the catalyst for how I view my life?”

“why is my feelings the end all or be all of my very existence?”

asking myself sincerely

…….when will the passion of my heart

and the creativity of my mind

……ever co-exist with the path of my destiny?

love’s stifling physicality halts and constrains my forward progression

standing stationary in obedience to its every whim

wondering why

complex emotions
vanquish and obliterate
rational thinking


thinking rational
about obliterating
complex emotions


all thoughts

all feelings…

…all hindrances

from out of my life

seems so easy to just frost over my heart

watch it as it encases itself in a iceberg bigger than the one that sank the Titanic

floating aimlessly in the sea of love in total solidarity

the warm waters melting the frigidness of my ice entombment

…I know I can not transverse that vast ocean so cold forever

love spills from the cracks of my damaged heart

like water does through paper

I wonder…….

does my heart know reasons that reason doesn’t know itself?

I guess so…

cause contemplating {(complicated)} moments in love

is the reason why love exists

A Word


Da Lord

Mason Da Rula

Diesel From Tha D Inc.


One Response to “Contemplating {(Complicated)} Moments In Love”

  1. brownsugatou Says:

    Love it! I understand this piece… been there… still there!

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