Journey Thru These Eyes

Journey Thru These Eyes

As I sit here
recollecting about my life
I gaze out into the distance
and see nothing I haven’t seen before…
There goes the same liquor store
same people walking in and out
buying the same things even in this summer’s drought
there goes the same neighborhood crack head
beggin for the same change
giving up dome ain’t that a dayum shame
for drugs that’ll disable her entire mind frame
society stop caring
community eyes glaring
shaking they head at her transgressions
10 years ago schools stopped teaching her lessons
saying she is too far gone for the system to invest in
so she wandered around Detroit,
mind trapped in a maze
smoking drug after drug
body far in a daze
sitting in drug spot after drug spot
heart being molested
And this is what the entire city elected….
To Do?
As I sit here
and take a journey thru these eyes
I see the same nothing
nothing but the same pain
and the same strife
same abused girl bout to take her own life,
same drug dealers tryin cop a lick,
same community leaders sitting round doing shyt…
It’s time!!!!
Time for a change,
I see
but before I preach about change
It must happen in me….

written by
.Mase Da Rula.®©™
Diesel From Tha D Inc


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