ignored (self-reflection)


feeling like I am lost & forgotten
like childhood playthings
easily tossed aside
when my use
dwindles down to nothing

just another heap of garbage
left to throw astray by the world
crying out for attention is meaningless
cause my voice..once a loud baritone
is now nothing more than a meager whisper

sound just dissipated
by the overwhelming wind
no one wants me….
no one wants to use me
I’m no good

damaged goods labeled to return to sender
because i am defective…
I must be?

something gotta be wrong with me
because why do I feel like I am
being ignored intentionally
is there something really foul
about the way I am that gives certain people a distaste of me?

is there…?
is there…?
gotta be me..
it just gotta
(places hands on head)

as tears of sadness
rolls down my face
feeling like acid
leaving trails symbolizing
the ethering of my soul

I feel like dying
a thousand times
in a thousand different ways
to myself I think maybe…
just maybe..

the pain would awake me
from this living nightmare
and finally make sense
of my existence in this reality
that no longer has any uses for me

I wonder….
if the pain I am experiencing now
is what dying feels like
if so….
I wish to die now…

written by
.Mase Da Rula.®©™
Diesel From Tha D Inc.


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