Pride: A Mason’s Confession

here’s a throwback piece which turned into a series….

Pride: A Mason’s Confession

As I stand here and recollect about my life
Analyzing the good and the bad
The emotions that I felt whether happy or sad
The experiences that I went thru whether suspenseful or mundane.
I am proud to be me,
I am still the same.
I rose from a straightforward adolescence
To a full-grown man.
My mind may think simple
but even I cannot understand.
From my high school days,
I had a high school daze,
Went thru the trials and tribulations and came out unscathed .
I am proud to be
Proud to be the same
From a wild and crazy youth,
To a success driven young man
From high school to college,
I had found a new zest
Live life to its fullest
Attaining knowledge is my quest.
Came there with a chip on my shoulder,
Claiming I was the best,
but all I really did was put them Greek letters on my chest.
Sat there three years and squandered my opportunity.
Didn’t care about the consequences ,
Didn’t know what they’ll would do to me.
Had to start all over, and everything was new to me.
Sat down
Put it all in perspective
Sat there
Its rare
Cause now its perfected
My Pride

written by
.Mase Da Rula.®©™
Diesel From Tha D Inc


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