Pain: A Mason’s Confession Part 3 {(Free-Verse Narrative)}

Pain: A Mason’s Confession Part 3 {(Free-Verse Narrative)}

As the moments wither away
like the lit end of a cigarette
I exhale a huge cloud of smoke
and wonder if what I’m writing
is even viable anymore

Seems like time comes and goes
like ebbs and tides
yet while I should feel comfort
in the fact that I am still able
to express myself to the fullest extent

I am sadden that whatever I write..
whatever my soul bleeds upon
this very canvas
do not enjoy

You say my writing is lacking,
I ask what and you give me details
trying your hardest to spare my feelings
but I know what you really wanna say…
that I…don’t provide that kick anymore

That vibe… that passion that I once
mended with the visions of my creativity
that in turn enhanced you imagination vividly
that was once synonymous as my inkwell was to my soul

Knowing this..
I feel like the sole survivor after Armageddon
standing at the edge of eternity in pure solitude
left bare..
with nothing anchoring me down
but fettle memories of my past greatness

I ask you…
what is a man left with after
his two greatest loves forsake him?
His love of the lady named poetry
and his love of a lady of poetry…
where both loves intertwined
like molecules in atoms
what is left……

I’ll tell you….

All that’s left is pain…..

A Confession From

.Mase Da Rula.®©™
Diesel From Tha D Inc


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