My Religion

My Religion

As my pen bleeds across these pages,
These words speak volumes of my growth.
My poems are testimonials of my soul.
It’s me, preaching to my readers,
Taking them to church.

Stanzas be my pulpit
And the lines are my sermon
And each word is my choir
Singing to the masses

Spreading The Gospel of Literature
As written by the Apostle of my creativity.
Line after line
My Sermon gains more meaning
More relevance, more truth

Because Poetry is my religion
And as I write,
I am spreading the word
In accordance with my beliefs

Poetry is the end all of end alls,
The Alpha and Omega,
The pen be my Lord and Savior,
And my notebook be my bible,
The rule and guide of my faith

So now as I write,
I beg thee for forgiveness
Because I have sinned.
My faith is lost in sight

My hope ends in fruition
But I pray thee that
The charity of my words
Extends beyond the grave
And lasts an eternity

So that these words
Spreads the religion
My Religion
The Religion of Poetry

written by
.Mase Da Rula.®©™
Diesel From Tha D Inc


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