Love: A Mason’s Confession Part 2

Love: A Mason’s Confession Part 2

As my heart beats to
the tune of its own drum,
each sound reverberates loudly,
echoing past memories of love gone astray

On smooth flowing air
this sound travels,
carrying a sorta of
oral tradition of its own,
each pulsation reciting
the history of me in love

Oh how infinitesimal I seem
when I am in love,
how the man in me
shrivels up into nothing,
blown away like dust in the wind
when this emotion sets
afoot hold in my heart

Sitting in my home
silently crying to myself,
how the pain is more torturous as I see
love from afar,
when lovers kiss on a midnight scroll,
or young people holding hands on first dates
or elderly people embracing one another
as if the love they share is as fresh
as it was the day they met

Living my life as
a emotionally crippled man
is my flaw
and I bare it all for you to see,
for you to read,
and yet
tho release should come from this,
but all I feel this mind numbing reality
baring down on me..
grasping my throat
and choking me into submission,
and from there into a realm of death

Where love has me prisoner,
and the chains that hold me in bondage,
are one in the same
with how I display this emotion…
thick like maple syrup tapped from the tree..
it starts out slowly
and oozes it way out
and once the flow is steady
it won’t stop till the tree
or in this instance heart is drained completely
leaving me bare,
and exposed to the elements,
that disintegrate my soul

And with nothing….
my love is worthless
so I confess that my love is tedious
and diminutive compared to
what it once was..


*head in hands*

written by
.Mase Da Rula.®©™
Diesel From Tha D Inc


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