You Know I Keep That White Girl..Christina Aguilera

2009 was a year of firsts for me

1.) had a girl apologize to me for the way she treated me when we were in a relationship

2.) first year I didn’t add to my growing debt

3.) first year living outside of the city limits since I was in the 3rd grade

Oh wait….

4.) Had my first sexual experience with a white women (no racism)

Now I know…. some of you readers are like how in the hell is this a milestone.. or why would I even want to blog about something so trivial

But for me.. this is something I’ve been wanting to do for the longest.. one of my innermost sexual fantasies is to bang a girl from every shade of the rainbow before I settled down with the women of my dreams.. and doing this was step one in my adventures.

Like everything in life…. this did come with a price… you see this girl wasn’t your ordinary snowbunny… she was down for the cause.. so to first we were good.. things were awesome..a brewing romance btwn us had me in high spirits

Then…like mosts things in my life.. it all went bad… and fast. I will spare you all a long ass story about her.. but I will say this experience is one I will never forget. Will I Do It Again??? Proly so.. but for right now… I’mma Do Me

Peace Folks .. now back to your regular poetic endeavors


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