Soul Whisperer

Soul Whisperer

hear that

listen to the soft
airy noise afloat
in the air

speaking to my soul

the sound
that reverberates
off my vocal chords
when I speak

I feel her

scribing away
on my essence
like a greek scholar

…teaching me…

what it truly means
to be in love

for she is
my everything
sent from up above

she encompasses
my will to dream
she like my dreams
are so freeing

she’s every beat of my heart
thumping terrifically
masking all sounds
but her own

for she speaks
to my soul
in a language
only I can hear

…she my soul whisperer…

I can hear whispering to me right now
crystal clear

written by
.Mase Da Rula.®©™
Diesel From Tha D Inc


One Response to “Soul Whisperer”

  1. A sweet poem. Poem on …

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