sensual cravings

sensual cravings

let my eyes
leave imprints
of my desires
upon your very

the passage of time
like tattoos
a tiny memento
that I crave you

lustful inclinations
rushing thru every orifice
of my body
a catatonic reaction

that makes me
undergo an
erratic retraction
of all sensibility
making it hard to relax


devouring you
repossessing your everything

figuring out
the limits I can
push your essence
fainting quintessentially

into me
meld with me
so my cravings
can be fulfilled

…because you…

I want sensually

written by
.Mase Da Rula. ®©™
Diesel From Tha D Inc


2 Responses to “sensual cravings”

  1. Hi, I followed the link that @studGlam retweeted…very Sensual read…I like! Do you have any published writings or plan to do so?

    • Mase Da Rula Says:

      Yes .. I do have published work … I have 2 volumes of my poetry … both available on amazon .. The names are Can I Borrow A Pen…? and Can I Borrow Some Paper…? and Soon to be release via Cervana Barra Press… Decade In Love.

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