I Belong To You

I Belong To You

I Belong to you, just like an angel and its wings,
we are a match born in the heavens.
Like a perfect symbiosis, our union lasts an eternity,
mutually beneficial to our existence together, as one.
You are me, I am you, and we are one.;
My feelings for you are vast as the universe,
its has no bounds, its grows with unlimitless possibilities each day.
I really need your loving, cuz your my only woman.
I wanna know you, hold you, console you……
Be in love with you.

Baby, I feel I Belong to you.

Like the sun in the sky, your are my light,
you shine more brightly than any diamond,
any sapphire, any ruby, or any other precious
stone that this world could create.
You are more valuable than gold,
you are the one I behold,
Let the story of our love be told,
as the pleasures of our love unfold.

Baby, I Belong You…..

Like the stones on the earth, we stand strong,
letting love be our foundation, as we build our home
of prosperity, where our love can grow as children do.
United we stand and divided we fall,
so let’s work together and construct a love
that can last forever more.
Baby I Know You Belong To Me,
Because I Belong To You..

written by
.Mase Da Rula.
Diesel From Tha D Inc.
Copyrighted 2005


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