How Can I (Ease The Pain)

How Can I (Ease The Pain)

Standing here still as the silence in this room
melancholy emotions wash over me
like the waves on a sandy beach

Not experiencing the passage of time
stuck in the damnation of this moment
because my heart has been murdered

Chalk outlines where my soul lay
a lifeless corpse,
a shell of what was once a great man

You came in like a tsunami
and washed out all existence
of me,

Removing the varnish like turpentine on wood,
leaving me bare,
a whittled down heap of nothing

Tell Me….
tell me how can I ease the pain
of what you did

How Can I go on living…..
living as mortal immortal
not being able to die but dead already on the inside

Not feeling the pain inflicted
but the pain tortures me
like a billion needles to my retinas

Being greater than the moment at hand
but not being able to experience it
as other do

Seeing it in slow motion as
they see it in real time
I am imprisoned like an image in a picture frame

Locked down in this insanity
of how excruciating this pain really is…
eating away at my psyche like bacteria

Someone please
please tell me
How Can I Ease The Pain…….

written by
Lord Mason Da Rula®©™
copyrighted 2007
Diesel From Tha D Inc.


2 Responses to “How Can I (Ease The Pain)”

  1. i really like the way u exspress urself nice write

  2. I love how playing the song in the background enhances your work…so creative~~

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