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Twitter Collaboration – Come Lay With Me

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Come Lay With Me

(.Mase Da Rula.)

potent potency
completely taking hold of me


by each and every glance
you send my way oh so forwardly…
come lay with me
complete this trifecta

you & me
and a body like GOD’s perfection

forgetting about hectic
decisions of everyday living
and get lost

mentally within your mind
& physically within the division
of your legs

go ahead and spread

allow me to enter
this paradise on earth

a region that will give birth
to renewed feelings
that’s worth the selection

so come


(Come lay with me)

Let me feel the elements of your body,
“Yes let me feel”
I can smell the existents of Ur heart beating,
And the movements of my hands
Running down every square inch,
Damn never knew Ur sexiness stretched outside Of Ur presents.
(Come lay with me)
Feel the wetness between
My legs, let me put candy
On top of Ur peep hole
No traces
Î don’t need a blue print to create the thesis of Ur delectation’s.
Let my eyes wonder down to Ur lips
Slip my Tung in between some of the most beautiful hips.
(I’ve ever seen)
And never seen
Legs spread as wide as this.
Let confabulate with Mrs. Pretty
For a few hours,
Take her to the shower an
Refresh this,
So we can lay together once again.
Ur god’s reflection,
And I’m Mary’s hand (what a virgin) can’t explain the tightness
U’ve displayed!
So……. (come lay with me)
Create passion,
Screaming my name in this bedroom.
I’ve pressed record so we can press play,
And when Ur away
Î can rewind the 1st time u laid in my bed
And we put on a display of
Sweet juices……
I’m a recite my technique’s in my sleep
While my hands run threw Ur hair.
So…… (come lay with me)
And feel the unconditional
Love in the air,
Why Î replace ur head with mine near.
(Come lay with me)

A Poetic Twitter Collaboration


.Mase Da Rula. & janaekay


Contemplating {(Complicated)} Moments In Love

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Contemplating {(Complicated)} Moments In Love

{(Free-Verse & Haiku)}

venturing upon levels of thought which no man travels

where free flowing ideals and heartfelt sentiments attain physical manifestations

in this limited reality

seriously questioning the intelligence of my heart at times

“how can my feelings be the catalyst for how I view my life?”

“why is my feelings the end all or be all of my very existence?”

asking myself sincerely

…….when will the passion of my heart

and the creativity of my mind

……ever co-exist with the path of my destiny?

love’s stifling physicality halts and constrains my forward progression

standing stationary in obedience to its every whim

wondering why

complex emotions
vanquish and obliterate
rational thinking


thinking rational
about obliterating
complex emotions


all thoughts

all feelings…

…all hindrances

from out of my life

seems so easy to just frost over my heart

watch it as it encases itself in a iceberg bigger than the one that sank the Titanic

floating aimlessly in the sea of love in total solidarity

the warm waters melting the frigidness of my ice entombment

…I know I can not transverse that vast ocean so cold forever

love spills from the cracks of my damaged heart

like water does through paper

I wonder…….

does my heart know reasons that reason doesn’t know itself?

I guess so…

cause contemplating {(complicated)} moments in love

is the reason why love exists

A Word


Da Lord

Mason Da Rula

Diesel From Tha D Inc.

La Petite Mort [Death…..My Lover]

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La Petite Mort [Death…..My Lover]

as she gazes vehemently upon my flesh
longing to embrace the completeness
that is my very being

reigning supreme
like a queen
she gleams…


on things
that cream


till orgasm baby
just play along with me

la petite mort
{-the little death-}

Je veux vous dévorer
jusqu’à ce que vous culminiez

ingesting your essence
gaining subsistence
as you consume me

blinded by
radiating glory


manically melding

~as you~

take complete
control of me

becoming every notch
on my visionary spectrum

red, yellow, green, and blue
becoming murderous hues

it is all I can paint
when I think of you

La Petite Mort

I wonder...

À la fin …….
m’aimerez-vous comme
vous avez fait dans cette vie
après que je sois allé ?

Journey Thru These Eyes

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Journey Thru These Eyes

As I sit here
recollecting about my life
I gaze out into the distance
and see nothing I haven’t seen before…
There goes the same liquor store
same people walking in and out
buying the same things even in this summer’s drought
there goes the same neighborhood crack head
beggin for the same change
giving up dome ain’t that a dayum shame
for drugs that’ll disable her entire mind frame
society stop caring
community eyes glaring
shaking they head at her transgressions
10 years ago schools stopped teaching her lessons
saying she is too far gone for the system to invest in
so she wandered around Detroit,
mind trapped in a maze
smoking drug after drug
body far in a daze
sitting in drug spot after drug spot
heart being molested
And this is what the entire city elected….
To Do?
As I sit here
and take a journey thru these eyes
I see the same nothing
nothing but the same pain
and the same strife
same abused girl bout to take her own life,
same drug dealers tryin cop a lick,
same community leaders sitting round doing shyt…
It’s time!!!!
Time for a change,
I see
but before I preach about change
It must happen in me….

written by
.Mase Da Rula.®©™
Diesel From Tha D Inc

ignored (self-reflection)

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feeling like I am lost & forgotten
like childhood playthings
easily tossed aside
when my use
dwindles down to nothing

just another heap of garbage
left to throw astray by the world
crying out for attention is meaningless
cause my voice..once a loud baritone
is now nothing more than a meager whisper

sound just dissipated
by the overwhelming wind
no one wants me….
no one wants to use me
I’m no good

damaged goods labeled to return to sender
because i am defective…
I must be?

something gotta be wrong with me
because why do I feel like I am
being ignored intentionally
is there something really foul
about the way I am that gives certain people a distaste of me?

is there…?
is there…?
gotta be me..
it just gotta
(places hands on head)

as tears of sadness
rolls down my face
feeling like acid
leaving trails symbolizing
the ethering of my soul

I feel like dying
a thousand times
in a thousand different ways
to myself I think maybe…
just maybe..

the pain would awake me
from this living nightmare
and finally make sense
of my existence in this reality
that no longer has any uses for me

I wonder….
if the pain I am experiencing now
is what dying feels like
if so….
I wish to die now…

written by
.Mase Da Rula.®©™
Diesel From Tha D Inc.

She Be…. [Seductress]

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She Be…. [Seductress]

she be……
seducing me
readily mounting a takeover
of all my vital functionality

integrating herself
into every aspect of my reality
becoming the totality
of my very existence

who is this women…
what is this?
a temptress who moves slowly
controlling every one of my senses

she be….
astonishing delightfully
mind engorged rapidly
passionately entrapping me

who is this women?
is she…. nobility
blessed with a goddess-like serenity

aura permeating like fog
filling up my vicinity
erotic desires flaring

she be…
seducing me
lucidly… transfixing sensuous visions
that seem like prison

but only in these four walls
has it become an immaculate sentence
destiny fulfilled repentance
and I’ll be dammed cause I’m with it

she be…

she be…

Seducing Me

written by
.Mase Da Rula.®©™
Diesel From Tha D Inc

My Religion

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My Religion

As my pen bleeds across these pages,
These words speak volumes of my growth.
My poems are testimonials of my soul.
It’s me, preaching to my readers,
Taking them to church.

Stanzas be my pulpit
And the lines are my sermon
And each word is my choir
Singing to the masses

Spreading The Gospel of Literature
As written by the Apostle of my creativity.
Line after line
My Sermon gains more meaning
More relevance, more truth

Because Poetry is my religion
And as I write,
I am spreading the word
In accordance with my beliefs

Poetry is the end all of end alls,
The Alpha and Omega,
The pen be my Lord and Savior,
And my notebook be my bible,
The rule and guide of my faith

So now as I write,
I beg thee for forgiveness
Because I have sinned.
My faith is lost in sight

My hope ends in fruition
But I pray thee that
The charity of my words
Extends beyond the grave
And lasts an eternity

So that these words
Spreads the religion
My Religion
The Religion of Poetry

written by
.Mase Da Rula.®©™
Diesel From Tha D Inc