This here is the continuation of my erotic series depicting the 5 senses

– taste, touch, hear, feel, and sight –


lingering moments
past seduction
left prominent
in my mind

like a sensual testament
left for me to study
and worship upon
acting on instinct
when the time is right again

intense imagery
setting precedence
soon to occur

{~between you~}

agenda laid forth
planned blueprints
maneuvering me into position


I wanna
dominate your body
let my tongue reign
like a KING

…my throne…

being the succulent flesh
you call your pearl
subjugate your nipples
with passion filled kisses

become dictator
over your every want
and your every need
and administering them


i just wanna give you
you want and desire
seductively meld inward
making you severely perspire

sweat trickling profusely
out of every orifice
drenched sheets
playing reminder
that I’ve come
marked my territory

not just
as well

written by

.Mase Da Rula.
copyrighted 2008
Diesel From Tha D Inc


One Response to “.physically.”

  1. Umm, um um … young man you are a genius~

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