me just for you

me just for you

autonomously perfected
arousing anarchy
within my
protoplasmic prison

intricately incisioned
planted firmly
fastened to the
luxurious lining
in which I want to live in

gorgeousness personified
silhouette singed
deeply into my peripherals

seems like I was
uniquely made
to satisfy
every inch of you

-hold up-

…let me…
into you

stirring sternly
the saccharine nectar
that pours like
Valhallian Meade
from within
your internal chalice

sipping slowly
this intimate feeling
of our sexual healing

I get top billing
because just like you are
I am the star
of this sensual stage play

…allow me to…
monologue my foreplay
vigorously portray
my luminary existence
in this instance

because you
were made from God
and I am here
tonight as his witness
craved creatively
in his image
sensually unequivalent
dominating relentless

me made for you
your made for me
existing eternally

written by
.Mase Da Rula.®©™
Diesel From Tha D Inc


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