Kill Me Now

Kill Me Now

like a million daggers to the heart
ripping and slashing
this rancid flesh into little pieces
unrecognizable to the naked eye

blood all dried out
evaporating into mist
being blown haphazardly
by the wind of change

distraught ain’t the word
that can describe
exactly what I am feeling
because my mind
can’t even contemplate this emotion

label it brand new
murderous view
deep from with in
black death painted hue

slowly integrating
into every sector
of my conciousness
hallucinating eerie nexuses

one’s worser than
hell and purgatory

like bathing in the lake of fire
using ether as bubble bath
dissolving all remnants
that I even was living

this feeling….
one of which
is more torturous
than being eaten alive

dilatorily erasing
each and every
happy moment
I can remember

slate being left bare
as it was the day i got here
what was is now what ain’t
and what it coulda been
never really existed

if this is what life
is like after loss
then please
dear lord


written by
.Mase Da Rula.®©™
Diesel From Tha D Inc.© 2008


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