Death Of A Man

Death Of A Man

The silence injures me, like a razor to my wrists.
Carving thru the flesh, right to the bone.
Blood rushing from the veins, splattering on the concrete
As a memento of my qualms.

Forged from the crucibles of my fears,
Death blankets my consciousness, masking hope,
And planting despair in my destiny..
Sowing misery into my heart, so that the despondency will crumble my psyche.

Some say Death occurs in the mind before it spreads to the rest of the body.
Like an incurable disease, it creeps thru me,
Moving slowly like morning fog.
Making sure it touches everything possible.

Treatment is useless, surgery is pointless,
And prayer doesnât do a thing.
My body is lost in the void, something like The Matrix,
I feel like I took a red pill, and Iâm being sent into the false reality of which thereâs no return.

A reality of which I have no control,
Death reigns supreme and individualism is outlawed
Mainframe minds, mainframe society,
This is the Death of man.

Not the physical act itself, but the dismantling of his mind,
Because a manâs mind is the foundation of life,
And without his foundation,
His life will collapse as walls do with no support.

This is The Death Of A Man.

written by
.Mase Da Rula.®©
copyrighted 2006
Diesel From Tha D Inc.


One Response to “Death Of A Man”

  1. Lady Xpressi0ns Says:

    Wow. I like how this was written. At first I thought it was about the physical death. I like how you used death as being mentally dead. This can happen. Great piece.

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