Like A Star (You Are)

Like A Star (You Are)



{(Haiku & Reversed Tanka, Alliterisen, Free-Verse)}

celestial placeholder
illuminating the sky

unrivaled by none
God’s most beautiful wonder
solely in my view

like awakening from
a peaceful slumber
at ease I feel
when I think of her

words can not
express adequately
emotions that have
no definition

feeling fantastic
finessing through
full-body sentiments



watching while
dominate decisively


the passion the flows
from out my heart
like water
from a faucet

–cliché so it seems–

but when such an
immaculate being
seemingly falls
into your presence

…like a star…

incredibly igniting
irrefutable change
to whom your are
what words can be uttered?

what words would do her justice?

beautiful beyond

readily realizing
how lucky I am
to even mention

her name

~my star~

fearsome inferno
incineratingly hot
burning my soul up

{(my fire)}

hot enough to even
scorch the heavens
eternal flames that
can never be extinguished

my angel

written by
.Mase Da Rula.®©™
Diesel From Tha D Inc


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