mesmerizing movements II(the prelude to the performance)

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mesmerizing movements II
(the prelude to the performance)

as thoughts teeter totter
through my mind
like children on playgrounds

…I’m focused…

envelop entirely
on such an
so exquisite

…as you….

make it do
what it do

the god given talents
that you were

….go head mama….

passions permeates
from the depths
of your essence

so I sit back
kick back and
enjoy this session

as you dance
the dance of romance
I glance

deep into your eyes
as their fixated
on mines

subtly making
temperature rise

as minds fantasize
on luscious lips
and transcendent thighs

…I’ve become paralyzed…

stuck in this moment
as your movements
becomes serpentine

venomously addicted
I am craving you

blessing me
sealing me away
with a kiss

I wear it
as my adornment
as you whisper seductively
in my ear

“this is just the prelude to the performance…”
“…so get ready because I can do this alot longer”


written by
.Mase Da Rula.®©™
Diesel From Tha D Inc


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